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    What we offer:
  • Air transportation of passengers, excursions, VIP flights.
  • Transportation of air cargo by store or in a cabin.
  • Construction and assembly operations.
  • Air patrolling and monitoring of oil and gas pipelines and electric transmission lines.
  • Medical evacuation (Medivac), search and rescue operations (SAR), emergency medical service (EMS).
  • Flights to ships and offshore drilling rigs (offshore operations).
  • Flights in connection with aerial visual survey and videos.
  • Lease of helicopter with or without crew members
  • Special tours and charters by helicopter ( hunting, fishing, climbing, and so on).
  • Consulting services in construction of surface level helipads as well as elevated helipads (located on buildings, medical offices, offshore drilling rigs, ships, etc.).
  • The application must be submitted 3 working days before departure.
  • Special permission from state bodies of Azerbaijan is required for flights over the city
  • All departing/arriving passengers must have an insurance valid for the flight period

Representatives of "ASG HS" successfully participated in the seminar "Aviation Safety Culture", which was held at the National Aviation Academy.

Home \ News \ Representatives of "ASG HS" successfully participated in the seminar "Aviation Safety Culture", which was held at the National Aviation Academy.

2021 has been declared the year of Aviation Safety Culture at the 4th Annual Global Aviation Security Symposium of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), held on December 18, 2020. The main purpose of this decision is to enhance information on this sphere and form aviation safety positive culture.

All ICAO member states, including the Republic of Azerbaijan realized various measures in order to apply and promote a sustainable and effective security culture. One of these events was a seminar held on December 7, 2021 at the National Aviation Academy on the topic "Aviation Security Culture". The seminar was held with the participation of various National Aviation Academy representatives organized by the initiative of the State Civil Aviation Agency under the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The role of Aviation security culture has been highlighted in order to protect civil aviation system against illegal intervention at seminar. The seminar participants also discussed the possible negative effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the aviation security system.

Increasing the attention to the following areas of activity in the civil aviation system of the Republic of Azerbaijan has been accepted as a result of seminar:

  1. The point of view and activities of all aviation system employees must be formed accordance with the requirements of aviation security;
  2. Extensive enlightenment should be realized in order to highlight the important role of aviation security in the civil aviation system;
  3. An effective and sustainable safety culture must be formed according to the motto “Provision of aviation security is duty of every person”.