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  • Air transportation of passengers, excursions, VIP flights.
  • Transportation of air cargo by store or in a cabin.
  • Construction and assembly operations.
  • Air patrolling and monitoring of oil and gas pipelines and electric transmission lines.
  • Medical evacuation (Medivac), search and rescue operations (SAR), emergency medical service (EMS).
  • Flights to ships and offshore drilling rigs (offshore operations).
  • Flights in connection with aerial visual survey and videos.
  • Lease of helicopter with or without crew members
  • Special tours and charters by helicopter ( hunting, fishing, climbing, and so on).
  • Consulting services in construction of surface level helipads as well as elevated helipads (located on buildings, medical offices, offshore drilling rigs, ships, etc.).
  • The application must be submitted 3 working days before departure.
  • Special permission from state bodies of Azerbaijan is required for flights over the city
  • All departing/arriving passengers must have an insurance valid for the flight period

Family members of the National Hero visited “Zabrat Airport”

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Family members of the National Hero Viktor Seryogin visited “Zabrat Airport”. A meeting was held with the General director of “ASG Helicopter Services” LLC Azer Sultanov. During the meeting, Azer Sultanov expressed satisfaction with the visit of the guests to “Zabrat Airport”. In turn, the members of the National Hero's family expressed their gratitude.

First of all, in front of the memorial plaque, the guests were informed about the pilots who fought in the First and Second Karabakh wars. It was mentioned about the heroic path of the National Hero Viktor Seryogin in battles. It was stated that during the Karabakh war, Viktor, whose name is known to everyone, with well-aimed fire destroyed the armored vehicles of the armenian invaders and set fire to the posts of armenian militants.

Despite repeated shelling, he repaired the helicopter and made new flights. On January 28, 1992, he moved in the direction of Aghdam-Shusha, taking civilians to a safe place. armenian militants suddenly fired at the helicopter, Viktor managed to prevent the death of people by sending the helicopter which was engulfed in flames to the side, but Viktor and the crew died as heroes.

Note that Viktor Seregin was the pilot of the MI-2 helicopter belonging to the “Zabrat special aviation detachment” at the “Zabrat Airport”. At the Pilot Service Center of the flying squad, a conversation between Viktor Seryogin's colleagues and family members took place, during which memories of the past surfaced.

Then the guests look at the Mi-8 AMT helicopter. At the end of the meeting, a memorable photo was taken with the General director of “ASG Helicopter Services” LLC Azer Sultanov.