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    What we offer:
  • Air transportation of passengers, excursions, VIP flights.
  • Transportation of air cargo by store or in a cabin.
  • Construction and assembly operations.
  • Air patrolling and monitoring of oil and gas pipelines and electric transmission lines.
  • Medical evacuation (Medivac), search and rescue operations (SAR), emergency medical service (EMS).
  • Flights to ships and offshore drilling rigs (offshore operations).
  • Flights in connection with aerial visual survey and videos.
  • Lease of helicopter with or without crew members
  • Special tours and charters by helicopter ( hunting, fishing, climbing, and so on).
  • Consulting services in construction of surface level helipads as well as elevated helipads (located on buildings, medical offices, offshore drilling rigs, ships, etc.).
  • The application must be submitted 3 working days before departure.
  • Special permission from state bodies of Azerbaijan is required for flights over the city
  • All departing/arriving passengers must have an insurance valid for the flight period

ASG Helicopter Services' 15th Anniversary

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ASG Helicopter Services' 15th Anniversary continuation of helicopter traditions


The history of creation of the first helicopter squadron of Zabrat airport goes back to the 60s of the last century. Since then, Azerbaijan has developed a stable and developing branch of small aviation, focused on training local professional personnel and operation of the latest aircraft. Over the years, with the direct support of the country's unforgettable Leader Heydar Aliyev, and later the current President of Azerbaijan Mr. Ilham Aliyev, the outdated models of the Republic's air fleet have been replaced by the latest developments of Western aviation giants such as Airbus, Sikorsky, Leonardo Helikopters. 

This year "ASG Helicopter Services" MMC, the leader of small aviation in Azerbaijan and the Caspian region, celebrated its 15th anniversary. Today the company performs various types of flights on Sikorsky S-92A, Leonardo Helicopters AW139, AW109SP, MI 8 AMT, Airbus Helicopters AS-332L1, as well as performs maintenance and repair of small aircraft Cessna 172S.

 During its existence the company has become recognizable in the market of helicopter services, successfully rebranded, its technical staff is certified by both local and international regulators EASA Part-145 and other international certificates, it is recognized by the leading manufacturer of European Augusta Westland helicopters Leonardo as a "Certified Service Center" for AW type aircraft. The staff of the company has been trained and annually updates its skills and knowledge in international training centers and is highly qualified in the aviation field. 

The company is a leader in the field of transportation by small aircraft in the Caspian region. The main type of activity - aviation services to oil giants producing hydrocarbons in the Caspian Sea.

This type of aviation services is truly unique. In emergency cases pilots have to land helicopters on floating platforms and ships, which requires the highest class of piloting and vast experience in conducting such flights. We can proudly say that almost all pilots of the company have such professional qualities.

The company's pilots have flown over Baku to provide aerial filming of Formula 1, which is one of the most difficult elements of piloting in an urban environment.

In the future, ASG Helicopter Services MMC aims to expand the scope of its activities by providing a full range of aviation helicopter services throughout the Caspian and South Caucasus regions. Potential markets in Africa and Southeast Asia, as well as the Middle East are being considered.

Taking into account the continuous increase of international requirements to flight safety in the near future, it is planned to replace some models with new types of aircraft. 

"ASG Helicopter Services" MMC, congratulates all its employees on the anniversary, declares its commitment to new promising tasks and directions, and will continue to serve for the development of aviation of the country.