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    What we offer:
  • Air transportation of passengers, excursions, VIP flights.
  • Transportation of air cargo by store or in a cabin.
  • Construction and assembly operations.
  • Air patrolling and monitoring of oil and gas pipelines and electric transmission lines.
  • Medical evacuation (Medivac), search and rescue operations (SAR), emergency medical service (EMS).
  • Flights to ships and offshore drilling rigs (offshore operations).
  • Flights in connection with aerial visual survey and videos.
  • Lease of helicopter with or without crew members
  • Special tours and charters by helicopter ( hunting, fishing, climbing, and so on).
  • Consulting services in construction of surface level helipads as well as elevated helipads (located on buildings, medical offices, offshore drilling rigs, ships, etc.).
  • The application must be submitted 3 working days before departure.
  • Special permission from state bodies of Azerbaijan is required for flights over the city
  • All departing/arriving passengers must have an insurance valid for the flight period

Leonardo Helicopters AW109SP

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Leonardo Helicopters AW109SP is a lightweight, twin-engine, eight-seat multi-purpose helicopter built by the Italian manufacturer Leonardo S.p.A. Equipped with gas turbine engines Pratt & Whitney PW207C with electronic control system FADEC, which provides relatively low fuel consumption. The strong airframe design, in addition to the shock-resistant fuel system and shock-proof seats for pilots and passengers, ensures a high level of safety. The helicopter has a retractable tricycle landing gear with a self-orienting nose wheel. Plus, main and tail rotors have optimized geometrical parameters, which allow achieving high aerodynamic stability and reducing noise to a lower level than required by ICAO standards.

Helicopters of the Leonardo Helicopters AW109SP type are an example of a successful combination of high performance and low operating costs.



  • Steel tail rotor hub, corrosion protected, semi-rigid delta hinged type, with two composite blades, individually interchangeable;
  • Titanium main rotor hub, corrosion protected, fully articulated with four composite grips, four elastomeric bearings four individually interchangeable composite material blades, swept tips and dampers;
  • Excellent visibility;
  • 2-seat crew cabin;
  • 3 fwd facing seats (aft bench);
  • 3 fwd facing seat (central bench);
  • Aluminum alloy honeycomb reinforced floor with anti-skid finishing;
  • Two-hinged jettisonable crew doors (LH and RH);
  • Two sliding passenger doors (LH and RH), 1.40 m opening, with jettisonable windows;
  • Separate baggage compartment with hinged door;
  • 3-cell crash-resistant fuel system – 575 l;
  • Emergency floats removable with two 6/8 person rafts embedded;
  • Acoustic screen around doors;
  • 4 cockpit central display;
  • Radio Management System;
  • ELT C406-N HM Artex (with Navigation Interface Module embedded);
  • Cockpit Voice / Flight Data Recorder (CVR/FDR) Penny & Giles;
  • Weather Radar RDR 2000 Bendix/King;
  • Two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW207C turbo-shaft engines;
  • Two independent electronic control systems (FADEC) with normal emergency and training operation modes and auto-start;
  • Lubrication and cooling system;
  • Engine control panel;
  • 4-axis dual duplex digital AFCS with integrated Flight Director.


State-of-the-art avionics and large displays work together with the 4-axis digital autopilot and full digital electronic engine control (FADEC) to minimize pilot workload. The AW109SP’s ergonomic design, excellent handling characteristics and low vibration levels further reduce pilot fatigue and enhance passenger comfort.


Helicopter Key Specifictions:


  • Range (km) – 964 km;
  • Cruise speed (km/h) – 285 кm/h;
  • take off weight (kg) – 2850 kg;;
  • Passenger – 6;
  • Capacity – 2 pilots + 6 passengers;
  • Maximum speed – 311 km/h;
  • Flight duration – 5 h 4 s.